Additive Manufacturing Institute logoAdditive Manufacturing Institute (AMI)

AMI is a resource for digital part materialization for the community, the region, and the nation. In cooperation with the ExOne Company, AMI promotes widespread adoption of additive manufacturing and provides demonstrations with student teams and faculty to foster familiarity and commercial application of innovative additive manufacturing technologies.

The additive manufacturing industry is projected to grow 15 percent annually from 2014–2019. Positioning the IDEAL Center at the forefront of this explosive growth, AMI meets the needs of students, entrepreneurs, and potential industry adopters using state-of-the art 3D printers through workshops, seminars, maker meet-ups, and design challenges. These experiences prepare students for creative work environments, grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the College, stimulate the regional economy, and support innovation.

Jesus on the cross from the top of the chest upCultural Conservation and Nanotechnology

This multidisciplinary, experiential program applies innovative technologies to preserving art and cultural heritage. Students are introduced to the program through courses in chemistry, conservation history, and art during the spring semester.

In the summer, they travel to Florence, Italy, and train with scientists at the renowned Research Center for Colloids and Nanoscience (CSGI) at the University of Florence, which has pioneered cutting-edge technologies and methods for painting conservation. Through visits to major museums, monuments, and conservation laboratories, students are immersed in the extraordinary artistic and intellectual culture of Italy. Study of Italian civilization, language, and history further enhance their experience.

In the fall, scientists from CSGI and program participants share their methodologies in public lectures and demonstrations, assessing potential applications of nanotechnologies for the preservation of American heritage.

The Global Challenge of Cybersecurity

This is an experiential collaboration with experts and government organizations to reduce exposure to cyber threats. Workshops focus on prevention and the ongoing challenges of attempted security breaches. Kevin Mandia ’92, a world-renowned expert, will serve as an external partner, assisting students in identifying the most common behavioral vulnerabilities and providing contexts for remediation.

Students will also produce a broadcast in cooperation with the Policy Studies Program and PBS39. The broadcast serves to further the policy goal of the U.S. government, which is to maintain a cyber environment that encourages innovation and economic prosperity while promoting safety, security, business confidentiality, privacy, and civil liberties. It will feature the means through which cyber criminals succeed and what experts recommend for prevention and remediation.