IPrize Scratch Off

ScratchOff Front Single BleedMaroon


Participation in the IPrize sustainability challenge and the giveaway require interdivisional collaboration. Start connecting by scratching and collecting tickets to spell I-D-E-A-L.

ScratchOff IScratchOff D PrintLayoutScratchOff EScratchOff AScratchOff L

To win gather all five letters or collect an instant winner card and redeem at Cosmic Cup for a free small cappuccino or coffee drink of lesser value. There is only one winner for each spelling of I-D-E-A-L.


Where Can I Obtain Scratch Offs?

  • Check your mail box – a scratch off has been sent through inter-campus mail to each student, faculty, and staff member.
  • Start connecting with others on campus.
  • Additional scratch offs can be obtained by attending IDEAL events during the spring 2016 semester. Check back for participating events or follow us on Twitter @IDEAL_Lafayette for announcements.