IPrize FAQ

1. What are the minimum number of team members needed to
be eligible for a prize?

The minimum number of team members to be eligible for a prize are two; this would require that each member was from a different class year and different academic division.

2. What constitutes a successful application?

     A successful application:

  • meets minimum benchmarks identified in the judging criteria,
  • solves a well-defined problem,
  • provides an articulate and unique solution,
  • demonstrates an understanding of the target market,
  • identifies competition in the same market and addresses how the idea/product can be differentiated,
  • contains a plan to generate revenue OR stable funding for non-profits, and
  • offers a concise, complete, and compelling oral presentation to the judging panel.

3. Who can participate?

Any member of the Lafayette Community can participate in the IPrize challenge. At this time, only current members of the Lafayette Community can participate, however external sponsors can and do provide challenges to be addressed by the IPrize. 

4. Where can I find additional scratch off tickets?

  • Start connecting with others on campus to collect I-D-E-A-L.
  • Attend IDEAL events during the spring 2016 semester. Follow us on Twitter @IDEAL_Lafayette for announcements of participating events.