Challenge Guidelines

The Challenge




IPrize 2016 Challenge Guidelines are available for download.  Please review before final submission on April 30. A summary of the challenge is provided below.

The IPrize challenge is completed by a group.  Teams must register by March 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm using the link provided.

  • Teams have membership from more than one class year and more than one academic division (i.e. engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities).
  • Each submitted entry addresses Economic Growth demonstrating sustainable viability and one other United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.
    The identified goal should be explicitly stated in the entry submission.
  • A prototype of the submitted design; for example, a webpage or digital representation, color rendering, or physical object, is required.
  • All submissions must be original that have not received prior recognition.
  • Teams deliver an oral presentation to a panel of judges on May 2.

All submissions are finalized by April 30, 2016.  Team presentations to an expert panel of judges are planned for May 2.


Judging Matrix

Entries will be scored based on the judging matrix comprised of the technical documentation submission and the oral presentation. Failure to meet minimum requirements will disqualify an entry from formal consideration of being awarded a prize.

Judging Matrix