Past Projects

Advanced Digital Heritage

 Advanced Digital Heritage

The movement of digital humanities seeks to leverage computing and the liberal arts. Through the use of advanced technologies, such as photogrammetry and LIDAR, the Lafayette team facilitates the creation of digital records of monuments and architectural structures of societal, cultural, and geopolitical importance. In partnership with organizations, agencies, and corporations with the shared mission of Collect, Archive, Share, the team creates free, 3D online tools of important cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disaster, destroyed by human aggression, or ravaged by the passage of time.


Flux Theatre Ensemble Residency


This is a collaboration of artistry and entrepreneurship.  Members of the Ensemble will teach an interdisciplinary course, “Making Theater: Tartuffe and Beyond,” offer master classes, and share their innovative approach to redefining the role of audience through social media in developing a marketing strategy for the downtown arts campus.  Moliere’s Tartuffe will be designed, directed, and performed by Flux members in collaboration with Lafayette faculty, staff, and students. The Ensemble will facilitate a series of theater-driven dialogues with Lafayette Community studying such subjects as biology, economics, engineering, and government and law, as well as story-circles with local faith-based communities on the role of faith in a scientific age.


Intuitive Modular Music Synthesis

Intuitive Modular Music Synthesis

In this collaboration between Engineering and Music, the objective is to create an interface for modular analog synthesizers that transparently melds engineering design with the musical creative process. The team includes faculty and students in collaboration with a musician/composer/producer based in Los Angeles. Current development focuses on an interface that allows the user to directly translate sound without knobs and dials.


Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education (LIME)


LIME is a peer-to-peer mentoring program between Lafayette College students and high school students from Madagascar to prepare the latter for the process of applying to colleges in the United States. The intent of the program is to have as broad an impact as possible. Lafayette students mentor the Malagasy students to help them apply to any appropriate college in the US that provides financial aid for international students, not just Lafayette.



Producing a Photo Narrative Book and Documentary Films for the Easton Area Neighborhood Center (Spring 2014), led by Debbie Byrd, professor of English & women’s and gender studies and director of Lafayette’s Center for Community Engagement.

This project used film, photography, and the written word to (a) increase the community’s awareness of the history, mission, successes, and importance of two programs run by a local nonprofit agency, and (b) provide the agency with media products that could be used at fundraising events and/or submitted with grant applications.


Bringing Skiing Out of the Cold: Designing the “Free Ski” (Spring 2014), led by Tobias Rossman, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

This project focused on the product design cycle to address the issue of seasonality for outdoor skiing, which can only be done in the winter when natural or man-made snow is available. The challenge was to develop a solution that would replicate the feeling of skiing on snow but utilizing pavement and other hard surfaces that are available year-round.


Secure Messaging for Financial Trading (Spring 2014), led by Chun Wai Liew, associate professor of computer science.

A multidisciplinary team of students developed a dynamic routing algorithm for a global wireless company. The algorithm used real-time routing of messages across the global wireless network. Development required technical programming skills as well as the skills to analyze economic, political, and geographic conditions in multiple continents.