Cultural Conservation and Nanotechnology


Cultural Conservation and Nanotechnology is a metaphor for liberal arts and engineering. The goal of the program is to train Lafayette students to be fluent in both and play a significant role in leading trans-domain initiatives.


The Lafayette Community learns to apply innovative technologies to physical conservation art and cultural heritage and are introduced to the natural sciences and global multi-cultural issues. Student leaders participate in an immersion experience in Florence, Italy featuring an internship at the internationally-renowned Center for Colloids and Nanoscience (CSGI)Campus and public-facing programming for 2016 include seminars, public engagement, and workshops, including Nanotechnologies for Cultural Conservation:  Current Trends and Practices at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in December.


IDEA 375 is an experiential learning course in chemistry, art history, and art restoration and conservation offered at Lafayette College. Students who participate in this course have the opportunity to facilitate public-facing programming and participate in an internship and cultural immersion in Italy.