Level 2 Challenge

Dongle Manager for MacBook Pro

Wires and dongles for laptop computers are ubiquitous.  All the adapters needed for a functioning workspace can make the space, well, dysfunctional.  Therefore, for this challenge, the goal is  to create a device that can manage these ports and cables, making wired-connections quick and easy.

Requirements: The dongle manager must be small enough to be 3D printed in the Ultimaker2 build box, which is 9″ x 9″ x 9″. The device should be able to interface with a Macbook Pro 13″ or 15″ with ease. This is the only requirement; the rest is up to your judgment.

Specifications and Instructions:

Computer Dimensions:

  • Height: 0.95″
  • Width: 12.78″
  • Depth: 8.94″
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds

In inches:


Design Goals:

  • Customizable for changing cords or laptop port positions
  • Compact and aesthetically appealing
  • Prevents accidental unplugging of cables
  • Minimal effort to connect
  • Safety is taken into consideration!


First place will receive a $50 gift card and receive mentorship in commercialization of the design!

Up to two runner-ups will also receive a $50 gift card, and the opportunity to work with the winner in commercialization of the winning design.

Submissions to be made electronically no later than Friday, December 4 at noon.

Submissions should be modeled with any 3D modeling software, and submitted in .stl format. In the submission, provide a short explanation of your design and any additional instructions, diagrams, or specifications regarding its proper use.