Level 1 Challenge

Learn to Use an Ultimaker2 3D Printer

Additive manufacturing is gaining increasing interest due to several advantages it has over traditional manufacturing methods. This technology has become more accessible to the general public as the technology has developed and become affordable for small scale uses. The goal of this “challenge” is to provide initial familiarization to this process through the use of a plastic 3D printer.

The IDEAL Center is establishing an open-access facility featuring several new Ultimaker2 printers. Familiarization in the Level 1 challenges will be performed through the use of an already optimized file.

Open source websites have many file types that can be used for printing without modification. 3D printers use files with a .STL (STereoLithography) extension to print.  There are a wide range of files that can be found online for printing and can range from a piece of jewelry to an impeller.

For this challenge, we want you to customize your own part to get 3D printed! Try to find something that may be of use: a holder for your phone in the car to use as GPS, a key chain, a pencil holder, etc.

Here are the instructions:

1. Start with Thingiverse and search for something useful.

Optional:  Some designs can be individualized using Customizer.

  1. a. If you decide to Customize, you will need to create a MakerBot account.

2. After you are finished, click Create a New Thing.  (It may take a few minutes. You can have it email you when it’s done.)

3. When complete, save the STL file and you have a cookie cutter!

Submit it below to the queue and you will be contacted by an AMI chaperone to set up an appointment to teach you how how to render and print your file.