Level 1+ Challenge

Monsters and mythical creatures!

They can be big or small, scary or nice, or anywhere in between. From a jackalope to a minotaur, these critters have one thing in common — mixed-up body parts. Let your Frankenstein complex run wild as you make an original creature of your very own.

To complete this challenge, you will need to download a simple three dimensional modeling software package called MeshMixer.  Using an archive of different animal parts as well as digital sculpting tools, you must create your own beast.

The submitted designs will be judged and the top three designs will be printed and displayed. Prizes will be awarded to the winner(s). There will be special consideration given to any designs incorporating a leopard.

Submissions are due, electronically, no later than Wednesday, December 2 at noon. Submissions should include the .mix file, the name of your creature, and a short description of your creature creation.





Submit by clicking the button above or sending an e-mail to ideal@lafayette.edu with “Level 1 Challenge Submission” in the subject line and your STL file attached.


– Meshmixer download

– Video tutorials

– Questions