About Our Projects

IDEAL, gameglowb

The UPower Technologies team with the GameGlowb

IDEAL projects are a key component of the IDEAL Center’s goal to encourage multidisciplinary learning at Lafayette.  They bring together students, faculty, and external partners from across disciplines.

IDEAL projects are:

  • Multidisciplinary—Project teams involve students and faculty from more than one discipline.
  • Collaborative—Projects provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration among members of the project team and partners.
  • Applied—Projects seek solutions to specific, significant problems or needs.
  • Creative—Project teams use innovative, out-of-the box thinking.
  • Intellectually ambitious—Project teams attack open-ended problems.
  • Faculty mentored—Teams are led by one or more faculty members.

Students who engage in IDEAL projects will:

  • collaborate within a multidisciplinary team to address complex, open-ended problems using the perspectives of different disciplines
  • synthesize the knowledge of the group members in the development of a project
  • communicate effectively with team members, project stakeholders, and the public
  • recognize and consider broad issues in the development of a project such as the societal context, ethical implications, environmental impacts, technological limitations, and feasibility of implementation.

IDEAL projects may be customized to satisfy curricular and programmatic needs of specific programs and College initiatives through a flexible system of learning outcomes.

To facilitate these projects, the IDEAL Center has developed a process for proposing projects, recruiting students, and, upon completion, sharing results with the College community.