The IDEAL Center for Innovation provides resources, curricular connections, and initiatives that build and sustain a culture of creativity and collaboration. Hands-on learning, collaboration with external partners, and connections between the liberal arts and engineering are hallmarks of the program. The IDEAL Annual Report 2015 is now available along with 2016 IDEAL initiatives.



The center's programs are the Additive Manufacturing Institute, a resource for digital part materialization; cultural conservation and nanotechnology, focused on preserving art and cultural heritage; and the global challenge of cyber security.

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Current projects include Placemaking in the Digital Age, a study by multidisciplinary teams of public spaces in Midtown Manhattan; and Sports Rehabilitation Device Product Design, which considers topics such as sustainability, manufacturability, and social implications in developing a product.

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The IDEAL Center is the nexus for some of the College’s most innovative educational programs. Expanding upon the culture of multi-disciplinary programs, it offers guidance and financial assistance for engaging external partnerships and facilitating experiential learning.

Applications for 2015 are due for review March 10 and October 10.

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The Robert Adenbaum '49 Co-Directors of IDEAL are James Ferri, James T. Marcus ’50 Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Diane Ahl, Arthur J. ’55 and Barbara S. Rothkopf Professor of Art History.

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